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Here at UnReal Web Marketing, we believe that each of our clients deserves to know exactly how we’re going to help them achieve better rankings and improve their ROI. Each SEO strategy is carefully designed and each element of it is going to be thoroughly explained to you so that you know what is happening to your website at every step of the way.

UnReal Web Marketing offers SEO to small, mid-size and large companies in Long Island as well as the New York Area. Our SEO approach will help your company achieve great rankings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. SEO is a great way to bring more visitors to your website and increase your business ROI. The more traffic will translate to more sales and phone calls. Let UnReal Web Marketing optimize your website for Local and nationwide rankings. Our SEO campaign includes keyword analysis, domain authority report, keyword density, link popularity reports, etc.

Our SEO strategy includes website conversion as well. After we achieved your rankings, our Team of SEO specialists will monitor your site and make the right adjustments to make sure you are getting the conversion you need to grow your business. Some of these adjustments are contact form design, shopping cart process, checkout pages, landing page design, responsive design, etc. We have helped hundreds of companies in Long Island achieve their web marketing goals by increasing their web exposure in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Our monthly SEO campaign monitoring will guarantee that your rankings will always stay on top and before your competition. You will also receive ranking reports as well as traffic report to keep you up to date on your SEO campaign.

The two-pronged approach for UnReal Web Marketing is a fundamental focus on Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing. Our extensive research on every intrinsic aspect of search engines for over 20 years has yielded us beneficial insights. These insights have helped us to offer the best possible search engine optimization solutions.

Our full range of services includes SEO, Social Media Marketing, Google Plus Local Listings, Bing/Yahoo Local, monitoring of search engine activity, screening of websites for search engine readiness, and intense search engine directory marketing campaigns for large corporations and small businesses alike. Additionally, we offer online reputation protection and reparation. Our SEO team defends your brand against negative press, reviews, and opinions.

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The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Process

Website between one to five years old

If you have a website that is between one to five years old and you’ve never had any SEO done for it, then UWM will carefully analyze it and then come up with a strategy that can help it rank higher. Of course, the first step we’re going to take is review your content and identify the necessary changes that have to be made. Next, using Google’s Keyword Planner Tool, we’re going to perform a KW research while taking your website’s content into consideration and then identify the best KWs that have the highest search engine potential for each page.

After you’ll give us your feedback, we’re going to choose between two to five key words per page and incorporate them into your content. As a new website owner, SEO can be a bit difficult to grasp in the beginning, but rest assured that we’re going to guide you towards understanding and making the best decisions for your site.

SEO done in the past

If you have a website that has had SEO done in the past, then we’re going to analyze it and then determine the best methods to continue the process in a way that complements your business’ goals. If you already have a solid SEO foundation, we’re not going to have you undo your past efforts.

We aim to be your SEO partner and that is why we seek to establish a great relationship with you that is based on professionalism and trust. In terms of SEO methods, we only focus on white hat SEO so we are pretty transparent and can explain every move we make. After all, when search engine optimization is done right, the major search engines are going to reward your website with a higher ranking in the SERPs, more traffic, more visitors and of course, a greater return on investment.

We Consider A Customized, Two-Phase Search Engine Optimization Service Approach

Search Engine Optimization is a must tool for any business looking to increase online sales. Our extensive research on every intrinsic aspect of search engines for over 18 years has yielded us beneficial insights. These insights have helped us to offer the best possible search engine optimization solutions.

SEO is a complex blend of variables comprised of research on keyword popularity, clear and easy navigation, marketplace research, website design, call-to-action & conversion. It is a procedure that makes one’s website content more search engine friendly, thereby pulling relevant traffic to your site via the major search engines and directories.

In order to attract more visitors and boost visibility, we recommend that each page of your website be optimized.

Here is a little bit more about what PHASE ONE in our SEO approach includes:

We’re going to carefully review your site’s competition and history and then come up with a strategy that effectively helps it get more traffic and rank better in the search engines.

In order to naturally optimize your website, we’re going to do extensive research about your industry and then come up with a list of keywords that perfectly compliment your business and industry. Those keywords will then be incorporated in each page on your site.

Keywords are going to be selected based on the content of each page on your site.

Websites that aren’t mobile ready are going to be penalized by search engines and that is why we need to make sure yours is. If it isn’t, then we can improve its responsiveness to ensure that people accessing it from a mobile device can have a better surfing experience on it.

As a full service search engine optimization client, we’re going to consider a technical search engine optimization audit of your site and check every potential technical error on it. Some items and issues we’re going to check include broken links, 404 issues, duplicate content, sitemap and also 301 redirect to name a few.

A new XML sitemap may be created based on what we find and we’re also going to analyze and rewrite your site’s URL structure.

Meta Tags are going to be written for your site and for each page they’ll include the following: Image tags, H1 tags, Meta tag description and Title tag.

Existing content will be carefully reviewed and keywords weaved in to ensure maximum SEO benefits.

We can certainly collaborate with your web designer in order to ensure that all necessary SEO optimization recommendations are installed. If you don’t have one, then our professionals will take care of this for you.

SEO PHASE TWO Ongoing Link Building, Content Marketing And Social Media Management

Phase two is necessary for every site no matter the industry. While phase one is indeed important, phase two is even more so, since it can help your website take advantage of long term benefits. To maintain SEO relevancy, websites need to build and earn incoming links from a wide range of sources.

We have a special approach that can help you improve your SEO trust, your online brand and get more visitors. We’re also going to ensure it’s perfectly customized for your website.

After putting together an inbound link audit and making a comparison between the links of your competitors and your links, we come up with a white hat search engine optimization link building strategy that includes activities such as:

A manual review of your top three internet competitors and of all inbound links to your site.

If required, we can use infographics to boost your ranking even further.

Video submission to popular video portals that will link back to your website.

We’re going to locate relevant industry associations and sites that complement your business.

We can write press releases, white papers, blog posts and any other type of content your audience loves.

Well thought out comments on appropriate industry blogs.

A thorough overview of our link building activities for each month.

Not only can we write your content, but we can also promote it to increase visitors and social shares from platforms such as StumbleUpon, Google+, Reddit, but also Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Claiming of business or creation of business listings in the most popular directories, including Yelp, Local, Yahoo, Bing Local and Google Places/Maps.

Organic Traffic – Increase 93%
Bounce Rate – Decrease 42%
Average Visit Duration – Increase 97%
Pages Per Session – Increase 87%

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