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In fact, it basically fosters a debate by impacting the influencer and improving conversation. Internet Reputation Management can be used for many purposes, including dissipating negative info that users can find online through keyword searches and/or brand searches, but also for enhancing keyword rich and positive brand driven search results.

We can completely manage your internet reputation and offer you a large variety of services, including social media content promotion, engagement, but also negative content removal and filtering, internet press releases and social monitoring. Our great network of media contacts makes it easy for us to know when, where and what you create online. Because of that, we can help you create content that fully engages your target audience.

We also offer you a Reputation Management report that includes information about the services and products occurring online, but also your company. The report can also be segmented in negative and positive press. This report is vital for any company that strives to increase its internet visibility and build a large audience fast. After all, using it, you can track the negative reviews and comments people have made about your services and / or products and come up with a strategy to dissipate them.

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If you don’t take action, then in the long term these negatives will drastically influence your reputation and credibility and lead to poorer sales. To prevent that, our team can help you manage your online reputation and ensure that your ranking in the search engine results page and your sales won’t take a hit. We have the technology and software necessary to collect the feeds and then safely have them stored in our database.