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Adwords Management Services

  • Maximize Your CTR
  • Ads & Pages A/B Testing
  • Keyword Research
  • Landing Page Design
  • Adwords Account Setup

Google Adwords PPC Management Service. Instant Targeted Traffic

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Adwords PPC Management

Pay Per Click Management Services or Pay Per Click (PPC) has emerged as a highly effective web advertising tool. Various search engines offer PPC marketing tools for advertisers, the most popular being Google Adwords and Bing. By using pay per click ads you can promote your services or products by generating sponsored ads that will take those prospects to your website. UnReal Web Marketing can help you build a successful PPC campaign that will bring the right audience to your site. We have optimized hundreds of PPC campaigns as well as Landing Pages to achieve higher conversions.

The right optimization to your Google Adwords campaign can change your results dramatically. We are fully qualified to manage and create unique and effective accounts. The success of any PPC campaign depends on the way it is designed. Selection of keywords, ad copy, location, and conversion optimization are the key factors that affect the success of any PPC campaign. UnReal Web Marketing will work with you to design a PPC campaign from the ground up, beginning with the first and most important step – Keyword Research.

We will create a list of the most popular/targeted keywords that will help promote your service or products to your prospects. Our Keyword Research campaign will help us find the RIGHT keywords or phrases that will bring sales and generate phone calls. We will create effective ad copy that will bring “good” clicks. UnReal Web Marketing will manage your bids to bring you the highest ROI possible.

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Pay Per Click (Adwords) Campaign Setup

  • Stage I – Initial Analysis

  • Stage II – Campaign Setup

  • Stage III – Testing Phase

  • Stage IV – Monthly PPC Campaign management

You can benefit from our in-depth PPC monitoring reports that will help you supervise the conversion rates and average cost per contact. PPC Program Specification The UnReal Pay Per Click Program is aimed at delivering the maximum ROI for your PPC expenditures with an eye on high conversions, higher Click Thru Ratio (CTR) and lower cost of customer acquisition.

Pay Per Click Management Features:

  • Business objective setting & campaign model understanding

  • Keyword research
  • Bid rate analysis
  • Monthly budget recommendation
  • Campaign structuring
  • Landing page analysis (5 Landing Pages)
  • Ad creation for 5 Ad Groups (6 per Ad Group)
  • Campaign setup in Google Adwords
  • Conversion tracking setup
  • Ad split testing
  • Keyword split test
  • Ad rank split test
  • Conversion testing
  • Bid management
  • Keyword modification
  • Testing of new ads
  • ROI analysis & biweekly reporting


We always stand by our core principles when it comes to creating PPC campaigns, but since each client is different, we also strive to customize our efforts in order to help effectively meet their objectives and needs. Because of our unique approach, our PPC account management customers always get the results they’re looking for.

When it comes to our PPC account management clients, we like to think of them as business partners and that is why we explain them everything we’re working to achieve for them and ask for their insight and input in order to ensure our efforts are as effective as possible.

Each PPC advertising campaign is managed by one of our PPC specialists (all of them are Google AdWords certified). Our customers can get in touch with the PPC specialist at any given time during the campaign. Before the campaign is launched, the PPC expert will spend time with you in order to learn as much as possible about your industry and business and then use that information to build a very targeted campaign. After it’s launched, the campaign will be properly optimized and monitored in order to ensure it meets our desired performance goals.

Customer Communication

Before even opening the topic of PPC advertising programs, we take the time to listen to our customers in order to learn more about their expectations and wants. It’s a very important step for us that we believe to have major implications in the campaign’s overall success.

Our team of experienced writers will create the copy for your ADs and then optimize the content so that it results in a higher conversion rate.

Your website’s landing pages are going to be properly reviewed by our PPC advertising professionals and any potential improvements are going to be made right away.

Customized PPC consulting services are available to anyone who wants to refine and review their PPC advertising program.

We’ll take care of implementing the tracking on your site and ensure that it works properly prior to launching your PPC account or accounts.

KW level bid optimization changes are going to be considered depending on your needs. We’re also going to keep you informed of our progress and provide you with ongoing reporting.

A new XML sitemap may be created based on what we find and we’re also going to analyze and rewrite your site’s URL structure.

Meta Tags are going to be written for your site and for each page they’ll include the following: Image tags, H1 tags, Meta tag description and Title tag.

Existing content will be carefully reviewed and keywords weaved in to ensure maximum SEO benefits.

We can certainly collaborate with your web designer in order to ensure that all necessary SEO optimization recommendations are installed. If you don’t have one, then our professionals will take care of this for you.