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We Create Awesome WordPress Websites.  Where Strategy, Programming & Design Intersect.


We don’t just design and build cookie-cutter websites, we develop specialized WordPress sites that are tailored to your needs. Each of our WordPress design project starts with an elaborate conceptualization process. This enables us to uncover valuable insight that we’ll help us design a high converting website. We always gather intelligence regarding your target market and customer needs and incorporate it into every aspect of design and development. Our WordPress design centres on collaborative and hands-on work-flow at every stage of design and development. Working hand in hand, our web design team professionals will work and polish your ideas to make your project a success.

As a reputable WordPress design agency located in Long Island, we’re familiar with every aspect of WordPress design, setup, customization, website optimization, hosting, and content management.


If you are looking for a web design agency to help you with WordPress design, setup, or customization, we are the right company to approach. We have designed, built, and customized over 350 WordPress websites for clients in various industries. It doesn’t matter whether you want a personal website, a company website, or a non-profit website, we guarantee that we will create an deliver clean, powerful,and dynamic website tailored to your needs and specifications.

Take advantage of our professional WordPress installation + customization services now to kick start your journey to the worldwide web! We design and develop unique, powerful, and custom websites for our clients. No project is too big or too small for us to handle! We love WordPress, and we are always ready to implement new ideas and design for our clients.


Payment gateways (including Authorize.net and PayPal), sales tax services (provided by Avatax) and shipping (provided by UPS, FedEx, etc).

Social Media

Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, but also Twitter and Facebook.

Third-party platforms

QuickBooks, HubSpot, SalesForce.

Integration is very powerful

While it is indeed complex, customer integration is very powerful. In most cases, potential website updates are going to be applied automatically and data is also perfectly synchronized between systems. When it comes to such projects, the professionals at Orbit will complete them by connecting to POS systems for accounting, ERPs for client accounts and product inventory, but also fulfillment centers for orders. 

Custom WordPress Design

Every website we create is fully customized in order to ensure that it fully meets the customer's needs.

Before we start working on designing your WordPress website, we first of all consider a very complex conceptualization process. During this process we're going to gain a lot of useful insight that can eventually help us come up with a design that's attractive and converts well. 

We always try to learn more about your customers and target market and then incorporate our findings into each development and design aspect of your website. At every stage of development and design we focus on details that contribute to the success of your website as soon as it's launched. Working together, our web design experts are going to ensure your ideas are fully implemented into the project to guarantee its success. 

We're a well reputed Long Island WP design agency and are very familiar with what makes a WordPress design appealing, but also with a whole range of other services, such as content management, hosting, website optimization, customization and setup. Not only will we create a great website you'll love, but we're also going to optimize it for superior performance.

So if you're currently looking for a team of professionals to help design your WP website, set it up and customize it, then just get in touch with us. We've customized, built and designed more than fifty WP websites for clients in a wide range of industries. Regardless if you want a non-profit website, a company website or a personal one, we can create and deliver a dynamic, powerful and clean website that fully meets your needs.

Effective Web Development Solutions

Do you need a personal or a professional Word Press website?

Our professional WP installation and customization services are exactly what you need to start building an online presence. Our WP websites are customized to your needs, powerful and unique. We can also handle any web design projects regardless of size. Since we absolutely love WP, we are always up for a challenge and ready to implement new design and ideas for our customers.

Our WordPress Services

Do you want to work with a top and highly reputed WP deign agency in Long Island? Well, you don't need to look any further, since we can design, install and also customize your next WP website to meet your specific needs. Regardless if you want a professional website or a personal one that runs on WP framework, we'll provide you with a dynamic, powerful and clean looking website. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you require any of the services below:

  • E-commerce integration.
  • WP management.
  • WP customization.
  • Plug-in configuration and installation.
  • WP setup.
  • WP technical strategy.
  • WP theme design.
  • PSD to WP.
Effective Web Development Solutions

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We take pride in having a multi-talented and experienced team of WordPress designers and developers. We have curved a niche as the “go-to” WordPress agency in Long Island. Over the years, we have built a solid reputation based on professionalism and trust. Our team incorporates the best practices and tools in WordPress design and development.


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